Ensure Your Courier Reaches Its Destination without Damage

Every day there are people sending goods through courier services. Every day millions of goods are transported safely to their destination. Just as much, there are those that will reach their destination damage. Most of those sending such goods through Platinum Courier services Sydney will be quick to blame the service for poor handling. However, everyone involved in the transportation of such item is also liable for ensuring that the item reaches its destination in good shape.

Actually, the responsibility to ensure proper handling rests heavily on the sender of the good. They are the one who can actually tell the content of any package. Most times senders will send goods without notifying the Platinum Courier services that they are handling something fragile. It is important that senders take necessary precautions to ensure that their packages go through the postal service without being damaged. In this article we highlight some little things that can be done to avoid unpleasant surprises when the courier uses its destination.

Choose the right packaging

When transporting goods from one place to another, it is necessary to consider the package that will carry the content. When choosing packaging, consider size and quality. In terms of size, senders should avoid buying packaging that is either too small or too large. If it is larger than the good being transported, the good may dance from one end to another during transportation and end up being damaged. If it is too small, the good may damage the packaging.

Also think of quality of packaging remember to buy packaging that can with stand all the handling that is involved in Eastern Suburbs Couriers. This is very important when the courier is being transported long distance.

Wrap up items in bubble wrap

When transporting fragile goods, it is better to wrap each of them in separate bundles before putting them into one box. If you are mixing fragile and none fragile items, endeavor to put fragile items in the center of the box.

Use cushioning

When you place fragile items in the box, it is important to also add cushioning. This will help ensure that the items are held firmly in place. Moreover, Sydney Courier services are taking complete care of your package. You no need to worry anymore. You can provide cushioning using old clothes found around the house or old newspapers that you no longer need. The idea is to ensure that the packaged item does not touch the sides of the packaging.

Mark Boxes

Once you are through with the packaging process and have closed and sealed the box, you can in prove handling by marking the boxes correctly. Those boxes provided by Sydney Courier with items that are both ten kilos and above should be marked as heavy. If the box contains only fragile items that are not heavy, it should be marked as fragile. If it contains any object that is both fragile and heavy it should be marked with both.